Thursday, April 25, 2019

Project name: Conservation of biodiversity in mountain grazing areas of Shara
Program: Improving the management of protected areas
Name of the protected area: Proposed Shara Mountain National Park
Total Project Budget: 4.480,258,00 MKD
This project is funded by: UNDP CO – the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Target audience: local communities living in the mountainous regions of Shara, Local businesses, Agency for promotion and support of Tourism and tour operators, CSOs, General public Name of the leader organization of the project: Milieukontakt Macedonia
Association for Sustainable Development-Milieukontakt Macedonia Skopje is a non-for-profit, civil society organization, supporting initiatives of civil society organizations (CSOs) on climate change, environment and sustainable development. It was established in 2012 following 12 years of successful implementation of Milieukontakt International programs in Macedonia. Its vision is to help create a strong, visible, professional, self-sustainable environmental CSO movement, based on the principles of democracy and openness. This means a movement that is highly visible in society, able to raise public awareness and
capable of playing an important role in policy and decision-making processes, on local, national and international level.

Partner organization: Public Enterprise on Pastures
The Public Enterprise on Pastures has been established by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in order to manage the state-owned pastures. According to Law on pasture, PE on Pastures creates a pasture management program every year. This program determine the natural conditions of the pasture, its restoration, development, measures for breeding, protection, promotion and extension of pastures.

Partner organization: Agricultural Economists of Republic of Macedonia
The Association of Agricultural Economists of Republic of Macedonia (AAEM) is non-governmental organization of experts in the area of agricultural economics. Since its foundation in 1997, its goal is development of sustainable agriculture in Republic of Macedonia. One of the most important features of the organization and its members is the cooperation with different representatives of private and public sectors as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions in the country such as Ministry of
Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, as well as the National Extension Agency, while from the nongovernmental sector the collaborations with the Federation of Farmers of Republic of Macedonia,

This project is implemented by Milieukontakt Macedonia, Public Enterprise on Pastures and Association of Agricultural Economists of Republic of Macedonia, Association for Consumer Protection, Environmental Associations and others. The Association has developed many strategic documents for agricultural sector but also many specific documents as Laws and
secondary legislative for milk, wine, grain, fruit and vegetables, etc.

Specific objective(s):

  1. Strengthen capacity on sustainable pasture management
  2. Demonstrate sustainable pasture practices
  3. Improve local livelihoods
  4. Communication, education and public awareness raising
  5. Capacity building programme for pasture management

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