Sunday, May 20, 2018

Milieukontakt Macedonia is a non-profit, civil society organization supporting the initiatives of the civil society organizations on environment, nature and sustainable development. Milieukontakt Macedonia is registered in...

Thermal insulation of the roof of “Kosta Pop Ristov - Delcev” kindergarten – a measure for mitigation of Climate Change.

Improvement of water supply quality and more efficient management of the water supply system.

Reconstruction of the roof structure, replacement of windows and building an energy facade of the municipal building of the Municipality Mavrovo and Rostusha.

Rehabilitation of landslides in Prisojnica Village.

Energy efficient adjustment, protection, maintenance and improvement of the condition of public buildings/facilities.

Renovation of the municipal storage tank for drinking water in Studenicani.

Cleaning of the riverbeds of Pirok, Kamenjane, Palchiste.

Reconstruction of the roof and windows of the Krivogastani city hall - Climate change mitigation measure.

Reconstruction of the riverbed and the damaged cascade cut-off walls of Ponika river in the village of Dobroshte.