Monday, November 12, 2018

Cleaning of the riverbeds of Pirok, Kamenjane, Palchiste.

Renovation of the municipal storage tank for drinking water in Studenicani.

Reconstruction of the riverbed and the damaged cascade cut-off walls of Ponika river in the village of Dobroshte.

Reconstruction of the roof structure, replacement of windows and building an energy facade of the municipal building of the Municipality Mavrovo and Rostusha.

Energy efficient adjustment, protection, maintenance and improvement of the condition of public buildings/facilities.

Reduction of the emission of СО2 gases and reduction of the expenses for energy in the municipality.

Replacement of traditional street lights with energy-efficient in the public lighting system in Tearce – Measure for mitigation of Climate change.

Reconstruction of the roof and windows of the Krivogastani city hall - Climate change mitigation measure.

Rehabilitation of landslides in Prisojnica Village.

Regulation of Osojnica Riverbed downstream and upstream the bridge over Osojnica river in Jakimovo village.