Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Component 1: Creating a joint CSO network with teams covering specific topics

  • Initiate and create a joint network through public call and meetings with existing initiatives
  • Participatory preparation of the network’s Strategic plan

1.2.1. Initial Workshop on Strategic Planning

1.2.2. Workshop on finalization and adoption of the Action Plan

  • Creation of thematic teams, active on specific environmental topics
  • National Strategy Meeting of environment CSOs 2018

Result 1: Existing environmental CSO initiatives are organized in a broad network that coordinates CSO activities in the environment-related EU integration processes


Component 2: Capacity building of network members

  • Assess the needs and capacity of the network members on networking on national and EU level
  • Assess the capacity of the thematic teams on various specific topics (climate change, waste, )
  • Create tailor made capacity building programs (training modules) for network members and thematic teams
  • Implement a capacity building program including joint trainings and mentoring

2.4.1. Five (5) Join trainings for the Network members

2.4.2. Mentoring Program for the Network members and thematic teams

  • Select CSO network members and support them through re-granting to further disseminate their knowledge and network with other CSOs on national and EU level

Result 2: Network members are able to further network on national and EU level and to contribute to participatory policy creation and decision-making processes


Component 3: Establishing Aarhus Centre

  • Conduct administrative procedure for establishment of the center
  • Prepare strategy for the center
  • National Strategy Meeting of environment CSOs 2019
  • Organize and facilitate regular meetings among network members, MOEPP and local authorities for preparation of environmental documents
  • Assist CSOs in preparing a guidance on the obligations for involving CSOs in decision making processes for the national and local authorities
  • National Strategy Meeting of environment CSOs 2020

Result 3: Established Aarhus Centre serving as a Network secretariat and a mechanism for increased civil dialogue and cooperation in environmental policy creation and decision making

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